Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31st - daytime

Yes, completely worth the plane ride. Our actual travel time was 27 hours - with the longest flight nearly 12 hours - but we crossed the International Date Line so we're here two days later....didn't arrive until the wee hours of New Year's Eve. What a beautiful island! We are on the East side of the island with the Phillipine Sea. Very calm waters as there is a coral reef off the shore and lots of sandbars far into the sea so that you can walk out a long way. Apparently the other side of the island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and has the deepest spot in the world!

We left on Amelia's birthday so we're having a late celebration today. :-) Here's a big shout out to another one of our favorite birthday girls: "Happy birthday, Hazel!!!"

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