Sunday, January 3, 2010

Food for thought...

Saipan is made up of many, many different cultural groups. We'll try to go into that in a later blog. However, right now there are a lot of Japanese and Russian tourists. The restaurants and grocery stores seem to cater mostly to the Japanese tastes. So...we thought we'd share some of our recent dining experiences. :-) Breakfast is the most interesting one for us so far. This might explain the health and longevity of many Japanese. The picture of the plate shows a variety of vegetables, fish and lean meats with rice porridge (okayu) in the bowl topped with chicken, spring onions and pickled vegetables. Miso is also commonly served. But Amelia did find something she really likes and I refuse to buy at home. Maybe it's not so bad when I can't read the nutritional values...

The next photos are especially for my sushi lovin' friend (and you know who you are! ;-) How about some spam sushi? Not sure how popular that really is. The sushi shots were taken at an inexpensive grocery store we've been using.
Hmm, need to go check out some desserts next! :-)

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