Thursday, January 7, 2010

Garapan Street Market

We are staying in Garapan, Saipan which is one of many villages on the island. Every Thursday night there is a street market where local food is sold at pretty reasonable prices. (It about killed me to pay almost $10 at the grocery store today for a pound of strawberries! Groceries are very expensive.) Anyway, the street market is a great way to get a good meal and try something new. Lots of different types of food are offered - sort of representing the various groups of people on the island. Just a few include Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, and my favorite groups: the Chamorros and Carolinians. Chamorros were probably the original people of the island with Carolinians not too far behind. They tend to use lots of coconut in many dishes or spicy peppers. We definitely ate too much and washed it down with lots of coconut juice!

I'll post a bunch of photos here of the market. I tried to take photos of the signs with the ingredients listed. This will help give you a taste of the Chamorro language as well. Let me know if it's too hard to see and I'll try to type it out.

Sorry to hear about your blizzard Sioux City! We're trying to send some warmth your way. :-)

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  1. Loved the market signs - looks wonderful and fun. The warmth you've sent is coming, but due to the distance it must travel, it won't be here till mid-week - we thank you!!
    Thinking of you all - thanks again for sharing your adventures with us.