Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small World...

We've been meeting a lot of friendly people on our trip. The other day we met Tatoshi and her little girl Kadodi. (guessing on the spellings :-) They were visiting from Japan. When I told Tatoshi we were from Iowa she said, "Oh! I love Iowa!" Apparently she had gone to YMCA camp near Dyersville and remembered the baseball diamond in the corn field. Her daughter is three and is now learning English.  Kadodi loved meeting Norah especially.

Today we met Joe Kani. His wife is originally from Oregon and both are retired teachers. Also, they live part time in Indonesia. Talk about a small world! Joe was getting ready to fish for White Snapper with his spear in this photo with Amelia. The water was very rough today though so he decided to swim instead.

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  1. What a great coincidence - and how wonderful is it to be living this experience??? Looking forward to seeing more of it all - Thanks so much for sharing. Love to you all, M.E>