Sunday, January 24, 2010

Picnic continued...

So, we went to our two favorite stops on our way to Wing Beach for a picnic. However, Amelia found some fresh papaya and coconut near the beach! :-) The picnic pictured clockwise starting at nine o'clock is: Titiyas (sort of a sweet tortilla made with coconut juice), apigigi (tapioca and coconut cooked in banana leaf - another photo of it unwrapped as well), salted red skin peanuts roasted with slivers of garlic, makupa (mountain apples - crisp and tart - they hang down like bells from a tree. They're called Jambu Merah in Indonesia.), wrapped chicken kelaguin, bananas and a bag of sweet potato chips.

Wing Beach is our favorite beach so far. It's so natural and beautiful and we usually have the place to ourselves. Here the girls spend time doing some of their favorite things. Amelia - embracing the sea, Elise -  collecting little treasures and Norah - catching some rays and rest in Mom's arms!

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  1. Beautiful images of lovely ladies - Hope you all continue to enjoy the great weather! We had a late start this morning - lots of wind, some snow and icy roads.
    Thinking of you all! Take Care~