Friday, January 29, 2010

Saipan Skies

Okay, so we didn't take a lot of photos of rainy days but here is a small collection of some gorgeous skies over Saipan. What do you see in the first two cloud photos? The photo of both girls in the sunset was from Friday night. Sending some warmth and sunshine your way. We hope you enjoy!


  1. Love the clouds - fabulous shots, Tish! Is it a dove or a hawk? I see both. My favorite is the one where the water looks green and the sky is 2 shades of blue - getting ready to paint Gracie's room some derivitive of them all! First I will have to find the walls!
    Take Care, dear girls.

  2. Thanks, S.B. and Miss Marie! Yes, some sort of bird in the first one. Being an Iowa girl I see a goose or a duck. The second one looks like an elephant to us!

    Ooo, we can't wait to see Gracie's and Andi's rooms. Both sound gorgeous!